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We offer a full turnkey service of procuring 6-10 foot stock tanks, filter pumps, parts, & supplies;

Full delivery & Installation included.

Email us at for pricing and availability.


 A Woman, Veteran, & LGBT owned business

When we started this as an “official” business in May of 2020, it took off so fast that

we didn’t fully understand how big the impact would be.

As we’ve had a little time to reflect, and we mean LITTLE, we realized that having a stock tank pool in your backyard is about so much more than just the pool. It’s a lifestyle, it’s an oasis, it’s a break from all the chaos in the world.

Now that we fully understand what we’ve created, we wanted to take the time to properly introduce ourselves.

So HELLO WORLD! We are The Stock Tank Social Club (formerly known as Stock Tank Pools ATX), and we want to help you achieve your backyard dreams, whatever they may be. 

Yours Truly,

Michelle, Kelly, & The Team


m&K poolside.jpg
KFW Poolside.jpg

Kelly Frances West


Michelle Daly

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